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Native American Programs Many Nations. One Community.

Leadership Curriculum

Year I

  • Pathways to Success course – special section for Tribal Nation Building students (fall semester) 2 credit course.
  • Native Identity & Culture for Tribal Nation Building (spring semester) 2 credits

Year II

  • Professional Preparation Seminar (fall semester) 1 credit
  • Tribal Structure and Governance for Nation Building (spring semester) 2 credit
  • Summer Internship Placement – Preferably with student’s own Tribe

Year III

  • Introduction to Models of Native Leadership (fall semester) 2 credits
  • Tribal Sovereignty in Practice (spring semester) 2 credits
  • Summer Internship Placement – With tribe or state or federal agency or tribal organization.

Year IV

  • Research I for Tribal Nation Building (fall semester) 2 credits
  • Research II for Tribal Nation Building (spring semester) 2 credits


“Native nations are actively protecting and exercising sovereignty to assure not only the basic welfare of their citizens, but a future of hope and prosperity for generations yet to come.”

– Barbara Aston, Director
WSU Native American Programs