Washington State University

EXCEL 2016

EXCEL 2016 students participated in a journalism workshop taught by communications major Frazier Myer and Native Programs Assistant Director Faith Price. They were each assigned a story to write about one of their experiences at camp. We think they did a great job! Read the articles below to see what happened during EXCEL 2016!


EXCEL 2016 participants!

Native High School Students Visit WSU
Native American High School students traveled to Washington State University on October 28-30 2016, to attend the EXCEL program that allows them to explore opportunities and resources available to them.

Nathan Buck

Weekend on WSU Campus Unforgettable
EXCEL students had the opportunity to learn about higher education, while creating friendships that could last a lifetime. Maybe one day soon, the members of the camp will be hanging out together at the Native Center as Cougar freshmen.

Sports Science Workshop

Sports Related Majors Appeal to EXCEL Students
Native American high school students came together to the WSU campus for EXCEL 2016. After checking into their rooms and a few icebreakers, the students went to their first workshop in the Education Addition.

Cherrise Reyes

Native Programs Offer Support for WSU Students
On Friday October 28th, students from EXCEL learned about the Native American Programs that are available here at WSU.

Cafeteria food

College Cafeteria Food a Different Experience
EXCEL participants had the chance to eat in cafeterias at WSU. They ate at Southside and Northside dining halls for the weekend.

Demi Swetzof

Don't Miss Scholarships and Financial Aid Deadlines!
After the sports management workshop, the group went to the Native American Center, where the EXCEL students learned about scholarship opportunities and admission processes for college


EXCEL Students Have a Joyous Time at the REC
Breaking News: EXCEL students go to the REC center and take advantage of their time getting active on the 28 October, 2016. Well it’s not breaking news but everyone seemed joyous playing basketball.

Blake Houle

EXCEL Students Experiment in the Kitchen
On Saturday afternoon of Oct. 29 at the Business Management & Hospitality workshop, Chef Jamie Collison and assistant Megan Kelly taught the Native American high school students about food, diversity, and the benefits of hospitality.

Morigon Blacktongue

Students Hunt Down WSU Landmarks
On Saturday afternoon after a day full of workshops, all of the EXCEL participants explored around the WSU campus on a scavenger hunt. The mission - looking for landmarks and taking pictures with them to document the hunt.

Cecelia Williams

Biological Chemistry Lab Let Students Do Hands-On Science
Oct. 29 from 8 a.m. to noon, the group enjoyed the Biological-Chemistry lab, where they explored the greenhouses and conducted hands-on experiments in the labs of Clark Hall.

Frazier Myer

Camp Staff Mentor Future Native College Students
The EXCEL program gave college students an opportunity to chaperone and mentor high school students on their journey through the WSU Pullman campus this weekend.

Sports Science Workshop

 EXCEL Studies the Science of Sports
Sport is any type of competition between any individuals. Sports are a competition between a collections of people requiring intense physical exertion.

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