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Become a Plateau Center Affiliate

Invitation to Participate

The Plateau Center of Washington State University invites WSU faculty, administrative professionals, and staff to become Affiliates of the Plateau Center. Affiliate membership is also open to faculty from other universities and tribal members.  Affiliates will focus WSU expertise, experience, and engagement on topics related to American Indian research, teaching, and outreach:


  • Feedback, guidance, and interaction with colleagues and tribal stakeholders that enhances collaboration, interdisciplinary research, and extramural funding opportunities;
  • Seminars, colloquia, workshops, and symposiums related to American Indian perspectives, research topics, protocols, intellectual property rights, pedagogy, etc;
  • Participation in upcoming Plateau Conferences and Research Expos featuring faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, American Indian WSU alumni, and tribal community members;


  • Curriculum development and enhancement for American Indian instruction, the promotion of undergraduate/graduate research relevant to American Indians, and development of student service learning and opportunities for applied work in Native communities;
  • Access to American Indian source materials available at WSU (manuscripts, archives, collections, documents, research) and identification of materials for acquisition through the Plateau Center that will enhance resources;


  • Networking and service opportunities as a resource for the public, private and federal agencies, tribes and Native communities seeking expertise, information, and collaboration on American Indian issues addressed from WSU;
  • Conferences and workshops to engage tribes and address tribal concerns and issues.
  • Recruitment of American Indian Undergraduate and Graduate Students.

If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate for the Plateau Center please review the Affiliate Membership requirements below and complete the Affiliate Application. Affiliates will be appointed by the Plateau Center. Appointments will be for a 3-year term and may be renewed. Initial appointments will be made for 1 to 3 years to establish staggered terms. If you have questions or need any additional information please contact the Plateau Center: Barbara Aston or Ken Lokensgard. Thank you for your interest.

Cleveland Hall 23, PO Box 641046, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-1046 • 509-335-8618

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Types of Plateau Center Affiliate Memberships:


Affiliate Faculty

  • Tenured, tenure-track, clinical, or adjunct faculty at Washington State University with active research and teaching foci relevant to American Indians.  This includes all WSU Campuses and Extension.


Associate Faculty Membership

  • Tenured, tenure-track, clinical, or adjunct faculty at another university with active research and teaching foci relevant to American Indians.


Tribal Affiliate Membership

  • Tribal Elders, scholars, program directors with active research and/or expertise.


Regular Membership
  • WSU Administrative Professionals or staff who are employed at WSU, with demonstrated expertise and interest in American Indian research, teaching, or outreach activities.


Emeritus Membership

  • WSU Faculty and Regular WSU members that retire from active faculty status and research activity and are moved to emeritus status. 
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