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Prize Point System

Ever wondered how the prize point system works? Obssessed about which NASC swag you could earn? Well look no further! This handy dandy little chart explains how you earn points and how many points you earn per event!

If you: You earn:
Register with NASC 50 points
Attend Welcome BBQ 20 points
Meet with your mentor 50 points
Meet with your Retention Specialist 50 points
Attend workshops 100 points
Attend community dinners 20 points
Attend First Friday Feeds 20 points
Attend special events 25 points
Visit the NASC 20 points



When you earn points and reach a certain milestone, you earn NASC swag!

You earn:
at 100 points Native Programs sticker
at 150 points Sunglasses
at 250 points Pizza Cutter
at 500 points Coffee Mug
at 750 points T-shirt

Every 100 points you earn also earns you a raffle ticket toward great prizes at the end of each semester!