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Tribal Nation Building Leadership Program

Leadership students present their research to the Native American Advisory Board.


The Tribal Nation Building Program was developed in consultation with and upon the recommendation of the Native American Advisory Board to the President. The program was implemented fall 2013 and continues to grow and evolve as each year builds upon the prior year.


The WSU Tribal Nation Building Leadership Program provides students with leadership skills and knowledge based on tribal principles and values.  The Program is based around four key components of Native student development and achievement:


Scholarship is the search for knowledge based upon principles of pursuing excellence and truth.  Scholarship rooted in tribal values will always seek knowledge not only for the pure wonder of knowing and understanding the world around us, but for the benefit of our communities and tribes.


We are all members of ever expanding spheres of relationship:  family, clan, tribe, community, state, and country.  Tribal values dictate that we be responsible, informed members of each of these groups, prepared to both lead and serve.                                                                                                                                                          


Stewardship is to care for what has been entrusted to us, starting with ourselves, our gifts and our needs.  Pursuing higher education is one of the ways in which students can develop their talents and realize their potential.  For students to be successful, they must be able to care for and develop their selves and balance their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Stewardship of self, radiates out to other areas of our lives to embody stewardship of our natural world and of human, cultural, and community resources.


Guardianship is not only the care of resources, but the protection of resources. Most important for Nation Building is guardianship of sovereignty.  Inherent sovereignty is the basis for our self-governance as tribal Nations Embracing the concept of guardianship encompasses our responsibility to protect our traditional and emerging ways of life, our lands, our natural and cultural resources, our languages, our elders and our children, our languages for those present and for those yet to be born.


The Leadership Program offers numerous opportunities for student leadership and development at WSU, such as preparation for leadership in student organizations, internships, and community service projects, etc.


Participation includes for-credit courses, guest speakers, community service, and special opportunities.  See Course List

Tribal Nation Building Leadership Program


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