by Dominick Joseph, Communications Assistant


WSU has a new Native student organization – Natives in Media. Weekly club meetings involve discussing topics surrounding Native Americans in the media, such as podcasts, articles, short documentaries, movies, and video games.

Natives in Media club members (l-r): Tony Brave (advisor), Jamie Kness, Fabian Mondejar, Kyra Antone, Kamapolani Garcia, Jaissa Grunlose, and Austin Kickingwoman.

The club was started by Kyra Antone (Coeur d’Alene/Tohono O’odham), a senior majoring in Digital Technology and Culture.

“I am interested in working in digital mediums and have seen the interest with other students in the NASC (Native American Student Center) as well,” said Antone. “We have a space to focus our dialogue on Native people and issues, whether it be to highlight their work or talk about the way that Natives have been represented in media.”

One recent Thursday, the club met at the Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation for a podcast-making workshop taught by Lotus Norton-Wisla. They learned the basics of making a podcast, including how to use equipment like microphones, recording devices, and audio editing software.

The club offers more than practical experience.

“Creating this space for Native students goes beyond just putting a camera into someone’s hand,” adds Antone. “It’s an opportunity to create work by and for Indigenous people, a place to have conversations of how we have been represented in the past and a chance to ensure our voice makes it to the future,” adds Antone.

Natives in Media meets every Thursday on campus in the Native American Student Center at 4:30 pm.