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Native American Programs Many Nations. One Community.

Center for Native American Research and Collaboration

Our History

Welcome to the Center for Native American Research & Collaboration (CNRC) at Washington State University!  In 1997, a memorandum of understanding was signed with 8 tribes from the Columbia Region of the Plateau to establish the Native American Advisory Board to the President. At the onset, the advisory board recommended that we “strengthen the partnership between WSU and the land-based Indigenous Native American tribes of the Northwest.” Embodied in this vision was an emphasis on research and scholarship that stems from strong collaborative relationships between WSU and tribal communities. Since 1997, WSU continues to expand formal MOU agreements with Northwest Tribes that stretch beyond the Columbia Region of the Plateau. WSU also has several extension offices and campuses throughout Washington State that collaborate closely with Native American communities. This Center is for and dedicated to the Native American communities and peoples of the Northwest.

Our Vision

The Center for Native American Research & Collaboration is committed to facilitating, promoting, and supporting a vibrant and active Affiliates and Associates group comprised of tribal members, faculty, and staff that are dedicated to community-based research that is embedded in tribal sovereignty, values and knowledge systems. We are committed to promoting ethical research and tribal protocols that honor our MOU agreement with tribal governments and the sovereign rights of all Native American tribes and peoples. There is great research and work, both informal and formal, taking place in Indian country, but too often it goes unnoticed or is difficult to access. Our Center brings individuals that are doing this great work together to share knowledge and resources; conduct trainings to enhance skills, relationships and understandings; establish research priorities based on tribal, village and urban Indian needs; and increase Native American graduate student involvement and training in this research. We are seeking Affiliates and Associates, who share this vision. To join us, apply here.Please send general inquiries to

Our People

Dr. Zoe Higheagle Strong, Nez Perce
Vice Provost for Native American Relations and Programs
& Tribal Liaison to the President
Director of the Center for Native American Research & Collaboration
Contact Info: | (509) 335-2925
Profile: Zoe Higheagle Strong

Dr. Kenneth H. (Ken) Lokensgard
Co-Director of the Center for Native American Research & Collaboration
Contact Info: | (509) 335-1055
Profile: Ken Lokensgard

Terri Parr, Coeur d’Alene
Tribal Liaision for Special Projects
Contact information:

Please direct general inquiries to

Our Partnerships

Affiliates and Associates Program

The Center for Native American Research and Collaboration of Washington State University invites faculty, administrative professionals, staff and tribal partners to become Affiliates or Associates of the Center.

Learn more about becoming a Center Affiliate/Associate