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Native American Programs Many Nations. One Community.

Letter from the Director

by Barbara Aston


Who are we as Native people?  We know that our students, staff, and faculty represent diverse tribes, backgrounds, and experiences.  The academic setting is an environment that challenges each of us in our identity as Native people as well as our values and world views. » More …

Native Center News

Students visit at a community dinner
by Kay Kay Weso


Spring term is in full effect and we have been very engaged in activities, learning, and sharing food.  Our first event in January was to help students get scholarship ready with our Essay Extravaganza.  Faith taught insider tips and tricks to getting your scholarship essay noticed and our event included brainstorming and writing time to help everyone get a good start on their statements. » More …

Indigenous Research Workshops and Conferences Held at WSU

Josiah Pinkham and Nakia Williamson outside the Plateau Center

On January 21 and February 1, Asst. Director Dr. Ken Lokensgard led discussions on collaborative, ethical, and effective research with Indigenous communities and students. Plateau Center Research Fellow and Educational Psychology faculty member, Dr. Zoe Higheagle Strong (Nez Perce) addressed Indigenous Research Methods. Nakia Williamson and Josiah Pinkham, of the Nez Perce Tribe Cultural Resources Program, opened the meetings, discussed tribal research protocols, and offered important insights throughout the workshops. » More …

Upcoming Events