by Kay Kay Weso


Spring term is in full effect and we have been very engaged in activities, learning, and sharing food.  Our first event in January was to help students get scholarship ready with our Essay Extravaganza.  Faith taught insider tips and tricks to getting your scholarship essay noticed and our event included brainstorming and writing time to help everyone get a good start on their statements.

Community Dinner
Students visit at the February community dinner. 

February has been very packed with activities that started at the Academic Success and Career Center’s (ASCC) annual Etiquette Dinner in the CUB Senior Ballroom.  There was a fashion show, dos and don’ts of the business lunch, dinner, or event, real life stories, and a four-course meal.  At the end of the dinner, some students won a gift card to Kohl’s or WSU professional swag.

Our First Friday Feed was a unique Vietnamese soup known as Pho.  Pho is homemade beef bone broth that simmered for six hours, rice noodles, sirloin steak, bean sprouts, basil, and limes, and this soup was a hit!  If you have not tried this soup, try the restaurants Oasis or Red Bento in Pullman to experience it.  WSU’s Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Assessment, and Prevention Services (ADCAPS) came to present information about Healthy Relationships and Substance Abuse and it was an interesting conversation and was the longest presentation to date.

In collaboration with the Academic Success and Career Center, Judy Hopkins, their Internship Coordinator, donated her time to talk to students about summer jobs and internships.  We enjoyed homemade hot cocoa and cookies and she took the time to find out what our students are passionate about while offering her professional insight.  We are so glad that she spent time in our center.

On Valentine’s Day, we provided sugar cookies, frostings, and various toppings for students to enjoy.  Many made cookies for their special valentine.  The following evening we met for the spring term community dinner.  We invited special guests from the Nimipuu Protecting the Environment and Friends of the Clearwater groups.  These organizations promote information about preservation of land, animals, and contribute to the positivity of the Palouse region.  We were able to provide local salmon from the Snake River for the menu.

Our next event is Cedar Headband Making with Anthony Choke.  He is a current WSU student who is graduating this term with a degree in Business.  Anthony learned this skill from his family and the cedar is hand-harvested and prepared by his grandmother.  The event will be held in Cleveland Hall 21C on Tuesday, February 21st from 2-4 pm.  Please join us.

As always, I am here for you when you need me.


Kay Kay