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Native American Programs Many Nations. One Community.

Letter from the Executive Director of Tribal Relations

by Zoe Higheagle Strong, Executive Director of Tribal Relations


Dear family and friends,

The staff at the Tribal Relations Office and Native American Programs offers up our prayers and friendship during this time of crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our work plans have been altered, but our commitment to Native American students, families, and communities remain strong. » More …

An Interview with Comedian Joey Clift, WSU Alum

By Dominick Joseph, Communications Assistant


Joey and I sat one thousand one hundred and twenty-nine miles away over the phone to discuss Native American tokenization, life experiences, and the comedy scene in Los Angeles.

Joey Clift is a writer, performer, and enrolled member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe who has written for Cartoon Network, DreamWorks, Nat Geo Wild, Guff, SyFy and TruTV. He is also a Washington State University alumni. » More …

Annual NY’EHE Youth Camp Going Online for Summer 2020

by Tony Brave, Native American Outreach Coordinator


We are going online! The Native Youth Exploring Higher Education (NY’EHE) summer camp will be held virtually this year, from July 13-24, 2020. This year we are opening the camp to all incoming Native American high school students for fall 2020. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of live sessions with college students and Tribal professionals and hands-on projects such as scavenger hunts, video game making, photography projects, solar panels building and more! We will have some live sessions between 1-3pm, but for convenience, many of the activities, projects and workshops will be available for the students to do from home at their own pace. » More …

Center for Native American Research & Collaboration Provides Resources, Support

by Ken Lokensgard, Assistant Director, Center for Native American Research & Collaborations


The Center for Native American Research & Collaboration (CNRC) continues its work in the area of ethical research and other collaborations, with the focus of meeting tribal needs and supporting Indigenous scholars and scholarship. Such work, during the Spring Semester of 2020, has included faculty trainings on Indigenous Research methods, ongoing collaboration with the Institutional Review Board in the Office of Research Assurances, and more. » More …

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