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Center for Native American Research & Collaboration Provides Resources, Support

by Ken Lokensgard, Assistant Director, Center for Native American Research & Collaborations


The Center for Native American Research & Collaboration (CNRC) continues its work in the area of ethical research and other collaborations, with the focus of meeting tribal needs and supporting Indigenous scholars and scholarship. Such work, during the Spring Semester of 2020, has included faculty trainings on Indigenous Research methods, ongoing collaboration with the Institutional Review Board in the Office of Research Assurances, and more. » More …

Nez Perce Student Secures Prime Leadership Position on WSU Pullman Campus

by Shana Lombard, Communications Assistant


Veneice Guillory-Lacy was elected by students this past spring to serve as the 2019-2020 Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Vice President. Her running mate and now GPSA President is Ralph Chikhany. Together the two ran on a platform aimed at uplifting student voices and finding avenues for change for graduate students to navigate their educational journeys more easily, the “clear choice for student voice.”

“We just really wanted to illuminate the voices of graduate students; advocate and allow them to understand there are policies that are affecting them and that they do have a choice and that we can make positive change,” Guillory-Lacy said. » More …

WSU Hosts Gathering on Indigenous Research

Zoe Higheagle Strong
by Ken Lokensgard


On April 1st, Washington State University hosted their third annual Indigenous Research Conference. The conference was organized by the WSU Chapter of the Society of Indian Psychologists, led by Ph.D. candidate Greg Urquhart (Eastern Band of Cherokee descent). It was supported by WSU’s Plateau Center for Native American Research & Collaboration, a branch of Native American Programs, and the Center for Mestizo and Indigenous Research. » More …

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