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WSU Hosts Gathering on Indigenous Research

Zoe Higheagle Strong
by Ken Lokensgard


On April 1st, Washington State University hosted their third annual Indigenous Research Conference. The conference was organized by the WSU Chapter of the Society of Indian Psychologists, led by Ph.D. candidate Greg Urquhart (Eastern Band of Cherokee descent). It was supported by WSU’s Plateau Center for Native American Research & Collaboration, a branch of Native American Programs, and the Center for Mestizo and Indigenous Research. » More …

Indigenous Research Workshops and Conferences Held at WSU

Josiah Pinkham and Nakia Williamson outside the Plateau Center

On January 21 and February 1, Asst. Director Dr. Ken Lokensgard led discussions on collaborative, ethical, and effective research with Indigenous communities and students. Plateau Center Research Fellow and Educational Psychology faculty member, Dr. Zoe Higheagle Strong (Nez Perce) addressed Indigenous Research Methods. Nakia Williamson and Josiah Pinkham, of the Nez Perce Tribe Cultural Resources Program, opened the meetings, discussed tribal research protocols, and offered important insights throughout the workshops. » More …

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