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Native American Programs Many Nations. One Community.

An Interview with Comedian Joey Clift, WSU Alum

By Dominick Joseph, Communications Assistant


Joey and I sat one thousand one hundred and twenty-nine miles away over the phone to discuss Native American tokenization, life experiences, and the comedy scene in Los Angeles.

Joey Clift is a writer, performer, and enrolled member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe who has written for Cartoon Network, DreamWorks, Nat Geo Wild, Guff, SyFy and TruTV. He is also a Washington State University alumni. » More …

Native Graduates Walk in the Fall 2018 Multicultural Graduation Celebration

December 2018 graduates Malik Johnson (Blackfeet) and Becka Oehler (Tlingit).
by Shana Lombard, Communications Assistant


The fall 2018 semester came to a close with the Multicultural Graduation Celebration in December 2018.

Students donned special graduation stoles made with fabric representative of the four culturally-based student centers on campus while giving a speech of their time at WSU and a toast to those who’ve helped them along the way. Faith Price, Director of Native American Student Services, also makes Native students Pendleton stoles to wear in addition. » More …