by Ke-Niah-Kiw “Kay Kay” Weso


Happy Holidays, Cougs!

December has been a busy month in the Native Student Center.  We hope that you are all prepared to fully enjoy the winter break and look forward to seeing you in January.  Please note that this is a great time to apply for scholarships.  For more information, please visit:

Ken Lokensgard was the winner of the 3rd Annual Native Programs chili cookoff with a bison chili.

Our First Friday Feed this month was the annual Chili Cook-off and our winner this year was Ken Lokensgard with his bison chili submission.  It was fantastic and we should have known he was a contender with his catch phrase “Old school is still the best school.”  Sincere congratulations to you, Ken!

Almost a week later, we celebrated our annual Stress Smash!  We filled a Tyrannosaurus Rex piñata with candy, toys, and proceeded to let students alleviate their end of term woes with a good old fashioned stick to piñata exercise.  Jay-J Yarbourgh-Jones finished him off in a spectacular fashion that lent no doubt to his baseball abilities.  Afterward, Austin Kicking Woman placed the T-rex on his head to the mirth of us all in the Center while we snacked on the candy and played with the toys.

Jay-J Yarbrough-Jones smashes the Stress Smash piñata and sends candy raining down to the spectators!

We had homemade soup available in the Center during Dead and Finals weeks to help students to stay focused by being fed.  Please let me know if you have any ideas of soups you would like to see in the future or if you have ideas for snacks you would like available for your visits in the Spring term.

Your final grades will be posted on MyWSU around December 22nd or 23rd.  Please make sure that you check your grades every term to ensure that you are on track for graduation.

Please complete your FAFSA if you have not done so yet, and apply for WSU’s general scholarship application (Due January 31st, 2017) for the 2017/2018 academic year. and

As always, when you need help, I am here for you.


Ke-Niah-Kiw Weso

Keniahkiw “Kay Kay” Weso
Native American Retention Specialist

Washington State University
Cleveland Hall 25
509-335-8677 or