May 2019 graduate Kelly McCracken opens up about her time at WSU…

Kelly McCracken
Major/minors: Athletic training with a minor in psychology
Tribal Affiliation:  Afognak Native Corporation
Hometown: Fall City, Washington

Kelly McCracken ’19

Why did you pick that major/minor? I chose my major because of my interest in the medical field along with how sports interweave with it. I chose my minor because of my interest in the mental aspects that many people experience and the role that sports can play.

What was an obstacle you faced while in school and how did you overcome it? At my time at WSU an obstacle I faced was homesickness. I overcame this by consistently calling my family back home along with making new friends on campus.

What extracurriculars were you involved in while you were at WSU? Some extracurriculars I was involved in at WSU were the Pre-Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Club, Athletic Training Club including being involved in the board, WSU Club Swim Team, National Society of Leadership and Success, along with other outside athletic training organizations and events.

Who was a favorite professor and why? My favorite professor at WSU was Dr. Morgan for human anatomy because of his love of teaching and passion for seeing students succeed.

What was your favorite Native American Student Center event? My favorite NASC event was more of a program during my transition to WSU. The use of mentors and other events like the first Friday feeds helped with my transition to campus life. Having a mentor reach out before moving to campus helped me to realize the support that would be available to me once on campus.

Favorite part about campus atmosphere? My favorite part about the campus atmosphere was the look of campus and the feel of students returning every fall. I also enjoyed the atmosphere of campus on game days and the pride that alums and fans have for the Cougs.

What will you miss most about WSU? What I miss most about WSU is the friends I have made during my time at WSU, along with the support I received through my major.

What will you miss about Pullman? What I miss most about Pullman is the picturesque wheat fields and sunsets.

Where are you now in terms of life/career? I am currently in Physical Therapy School at Touro University Nevada to earn my Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree.

Advice for students in your degree field? Advice for students in general is to make sure to take time for yourself as needed. I heard something recently that resonated well, “If you don’t take a day off then your body will decide a day for you.” Also, enjoy your time in Pullman, it is a special place and your time will go faster than you think.