by Michael S. Coombes Jr.


Sport is any type of competition between any individuals. Sports are a competition between a collections of people requiring intense physical exertion.

Morigon Blacktongue (l) and Cedar McCloud share their group’s work during the Sports Majors Workshop.

One part, although it may sound simple in idea and in execution, is taping. Not when you stick a piece of paper to something, but more to the extent of joint, muscle and ligament support. If done properly, taping can help give the feeling of strength and support back to the individual so it does not inhibit gameplay drastically.

Something that is very important in proper immediate on scene diagnosis, is kinesiology. Kinesiology is the study of all types of movement in the body, and the high intensity of running, juking, and hitting someone, to simple arm movements and breathing.

Nathan Buck said he liked, “When they gave out candy.”

That sentiment was shared by everyone else.