by Morigon Blacktongue


In Pullman on the weekend of Oct. 28-30, 12 Native American high school students came from various locations to the WSU campus for the 2016 EXCEL conference.

Nathan Buck gives the bio-chem lab two thumbs up!

Many participants came here from far away locations such as Seattle, Lummi, Portland, etc. Native students participated in this camp, so they could learn about scholarships, financial aid opportunities, and to help prepare them for college.

They had the opportunity to learn about higher education, while creating friendships that could last a lifetime. Maybe one day soon, the members of the camp will be hanging out together at the Native Center as Cougar freshmen.

Students said that what they liked best about this camp was learning about the numerous resources available. It’s a great opportunity for them to get a heads-up about scholarships, financial aid, and about WSU in general. The college students and staff helped the campers feel welcome. They explained that anything is possible as long as you ask for help, which was comforting and welcoming.

The EXCEL participants met new people and learned a lot about WSU, which has made a really big impact on everyone.  This was a great, unforgettable, experience for everyone.

Jaden Phair-Williams from Bellingham said that he came to the event, “to learn about new scholarships and college readiness.”