by Blake Houle


Native American high school students came together to the WSU campus for EXCEL 2016. After checking into their rooms and a few icebreakers, the students went to their first workshop in the Education Addition.

(l-r): Demi Swetzof, Dorian Kinley, Jaden Phair-Williams, and Nathan Buck present their thoughts at the Sports Majors workshop.

The professors and students in Sport Management, Sports Science, and Kinesiology programs came in on their own free time and talked about their majors. They helped us understand the difference between sport and sports management. They also told us what fields we could go into after we finished one of the majors they talked about.

After going to these workshops, a couple students became more interested in the subjects. Blake said he’s mostly interested in sport management.

“Being able to help athletes deal with their injuries would make me feel better,” said Blake.

Blake’s peer and basketball teammate, Nathan Buck said, “I thought it was a very good workshop. I learned a lot about those majors and I am interested in maybe leaning my future towards Sport Management after all that.”

Clearly, Nathan was very influenced in the presentation as well.