by Alyssa James


On Friday October 28th, students from EXCEL learned about the Native American Programs that are available here at WSU.

Adam Lafountain (l), Jaden Phair-Williams (center) and Cherrise Reyes (r) visit a WSU greenhouse. Reyes is a Native American Student Ambassador and served as a camp counselor for EXCEL.

Sally Cladoosby, a senior from Ferndale high school, said, “I learned that they have a lot of support at this school and that there are many ways to get accepted.”

Cherrise Reyes, Native American student ambassador, said that part of her job duties include, “letting them know that they have those resources available for them such as tutoring, counseling, cultural workshops, monthly dinners, Native-based clubs, and providing a home away from home.”

Now that the EXCEL students know about the Native American programs here at WSU, they should feel a little more comfortable with attending school here.