by Cedar McCloud


EXCEL participants had the chance to eat in cafeterias at WSU. They ate at Southside and Northside dining halls for the weekend simply because Autumn Jones, our coordinator, “didn’t feel like cookin’ nothin’,” she said while laughing.

EXCEL participants eat in the Southside cafeteria at WSU.

Actually, her reasoning behind selecting the dining halls was, “to have a student experience on campus,” said Jones.

Camp counselor, Elsie Cree is a transfer student, and she explained that she doesn’t visit the dining halls often due to not living on campus. But only being there a few times, her opinion on the food would be “a good variety, convenient, and fast.” On a scale of 1-10, she would rate the general cafeteria a 6, because it’s “not that great quality-wise.”

EXCEL participant Sally Cladoosby would rate the cafeterias a 9. She said the food is different from her daily high school servings. “It’s better cooked and has more variety.” Her favorite food there would be the fruit, and she was satisfied with the food overall.