by Dorian Kinley


After the sports management workshop, the group went to the Native American Center, where the EXCEL students learned about scholarship opportunities and admission processes for college. 

Dorian Kinley (l) and Demi Swetzof walk through Clark Hall between workshops.

A lady from the financial aid office explained the FAFSA, scholarships and grants. She explained the online application process, and the information students will need when applying. The deadline for this year’s FASFA is Jan. 31 for new WSU students.

Blake Houle, 10th grader at Toppenish High School, said that the most interesting thing to him was, “all the scholarship opportunities, grants, and money that’s available to people.”

A number that stood out to Blake is the $300 million given out to WSU students every year. He said the most helpful aspect of the workshop was, “all the deadlines that you need to meet for the scholarships.”

Demi Swetzof, 12th grader at Central Kitsap High School, was surprised when she learned about all the money that goes to waste because people are unaware of scholarships, or they can’t receive scholarships because deadlines are missed.

She also learned about the various scholarships available to Native students. After the workshop, in addition to having a better understanding of the resources available to her, Demi also knows who to contact if she has questions.