by Jaden Phair-Williams



Breaking News: EXCEL students go to the REC center and take advantage of their time getting active on the 28 October, 2016. Well it’s not breaking news but everyone seemed joyous playing basketball.

EXCEL students and counselors play basektball at the Rec Center.

The EXCEL participants played along with WSU students. There was a total of 10 students participating in basketball, while others were being more adventurous finding other activities which included swimming, table tennis, and volleyball.

Elsie Cree, camp counselor and senior at WSU, said, “I learned from the REC center if we work as a team, passing a lot, it would help with winning and make playing basketball more fun.”

Michael Coombes, a senior at Muckleshoot Tribal, said, “I enjoyed the REC center because I just enjoy playing basketball.”