by Shana Lombard, Communications Assistant


Anders, Chinik Alaska Native, wrapped up filming of his Cable 8 show The Fratchelor two months ago. The show had much success on campus, even breaking a company record, getting ten thousand views the first week it aired.

Zach Anders
Zach Anders films some background footage while they interview a spiritual medium during a shoot of The Fratchelor. 

“It was a unique experience, one of those things where you have no idea where anything was going to go.”

Anders served as director of The Fratchelor. He is a junior in the Murrow College of Communication double majoring in broadcast journalism and political science.

Cable 8 is a student-run production company that is run under the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication. The company produces four to five television shows that air on television on campus and the city of Pullman.

Ander’s show The Fratchelor was a show mimicking ABC’s hit show The Bachelor but with a university twist. The show follows one WSU fraternity student in his pursuit to find his semester fling, centralizing the scenery to WSU campus and Pullman.

For a show to attempt to try to match ABC’s quality, Anders had to rely on others to get the job done. He credits his crew and show talent for aiding in the show’s success.

“It was their baby so they wanted to make sure it lived,” Anders said.

The show really utilized the community of Pullman. When looking at what other universities have done with a story similar to The Fratchelor’s, it is easy to point out how involved Ander’s crew was with its production. From bringing in local spiritual mediums on one episode or going to a well-known hangout spot, Zeppos, the show crew really did their best to make the show as realistic as possible.

Anders recently obtained a summer position working for KOMO 4 in Seattle where he’ll be tasked to help in broadcasts. He’ll receive more information on his position there when it gets closer to the end of the semester.

“Excited to be working somewhere where news is happening daily,” Anders said. “I’ve never been in a place where your’re able to refine those skills on a daily basis.”


Watch The Fratchelor for yourself on YouTube.