by Sally Cladoosby

Oct. 29 from 8 a.m. to noon, the group enjoyed the Biological-Chemistry lab, where they explored the greenhouses and conducted hands-on experiments in the labs of Clark Hall.

Cecelia Williams dunks a carnation into liquid nitrogen, while Michael Coombes videotapes.

The campers learned how to categorize the plants into seed, root, stem, or flower.

Then they split up in groups of three and geared up for some lab experiments. In addition to testing DNA from plants, they identified plants by cutting them into smaller pieces and looking at it through a microscope. These methods of looking at cells are used to find medical purposes for plants.

Cecelia Williams, of Muckleshoot Tribal School, said she enjoyed it because it was a more hands-on experience. She described that she learned a lot, and it was a different but exciting way of conducting science.

Cecelia said the most interesting part was the liquid nitrogen, “because we got to freeze the flowers then shatter them into millions of pieces.”

Michael Coombes goes to Muckleshoot, and his favorite experiment was when they dipped a paper into chemicals and got to see the change by waiting.