by Adam Lafountain


On Saturday afternoon after a day full of workshops, all of the EXCEL participants explored around the WSU campus on a scavenger hunt. The mission – looking for landmarks and taking pictures with them to document the hunt.

Team Cherrise and Frazier at the giant blue heart statue.
Team Elsie and Anthony at a mystery location.

Each location in the hunt was an answer to a riddle. “When a sweet dessert is something you savor, Apple Cup Crisp is an award-winning flavor,” is an example of one of the riddles leading to Ferdinand’s the campus ice creamery.

The students and camp staff were split into two teams competing to finish the scavenger hunt first.

The purpose of the scavenger hunt was to show students around WSU campus in a competitive fashion leading them to the Math Learning Center, Martin Stadium, fire pit, blue heart, stadium way walkway, and other campus landmarks.

Team Cherrise and Frazier mobbed across campus to win the hunt leaving Team Elsie and Anthony in the rain.

Camper Michael Coombes, said, “The hunt gave us a great street view of the campus but I would have loved an in-depth visit of the places in the hunt.”

The scavenger hunt was a great way to explore the campus and get to know one another through the motivation of competition.